19 January 2013

Living with intention

To say the past few months have been a whirlwind would likely be my own understatement of the year.  Not to say that it being so crazy and hectic is in any way bad but admittedly it was the kind of madness that makes you focus on daily tasks at hand, leaving a lot of the larger more big picture ramblings to the wayside.  I basically tread a path leading from one of my stores to the other and worked pretty much 7 days a week for a while there but in the end we had a successful holiday season and I am truly grateful to my small but mighty staff.

When I first began this post, the new year was looming. I feel like this has been one of the fastest years in my own life. In fact, the past few years have felt that way and perhaps it is because so much has happened in that time.  I feel like June was just here and I was commenting on how it seemed like it was just New Years Eve.  I've learned, I've changed, and I've grownI have a solid footing to welcome the newness and possibility of 2013.  That said, I've decided to create "intentions" for this new year rather than resolutions.  Making change takes time but as I strive towards achieving certain goals in the year ahead, I will do so with these four intentions: Abundance, Love, Peace & Optimism.  I feel that these four areas can cross over pretty much every aspect of my life in both a personal and business perspective.  Each day there will be challenges and there will be successes - it is imperative to celebrate the latter and not be defeated by what is difficult.  Lay the ground work and be true to yourself and most certainly live with the intention of doing what is best for you.  Take care of your heart and push yourself that bit beyond comfort because that is where the good things happen.  Take chances.  Love big.  Be Honest.  Find Peace within yourself.  

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