02 February 2013


Congruence (≅) is the state achieved by coming together, the state of agreement. The Latin congruō meaning “I meet together, I agree”. As an abstract term, congruence means similarity between objects. Congruence, as opposed to approximation, is a relation which implies a species of equivalence.  

As individuals can we ultimately find congruence - whether it be with another person, within a career, in a location or just with oneself? Anyone who has read my rambling words will know that I often struggle with the question of where I want to be or who I want to be or where I want to go.  I find myself often using the term "when I grow up" when referring to the future which is slightly ironic as I pass through the mid-30's.  There are parts of my life where of course I feel grown up - like with my businesses - but there are also other parts where I feel like I've reverted back to a stage in my life where the path is yet again undecided. 

Or is congruence something we achieve over and over again with many people, in many places and while trying to find our way? Do the dots ultimately connect? Does just believing they will give us the courage to keep trying - to keep moving forward in pursuit of dreams or in pursuit of who and where we want to be? Are we aware enough to capture the moments or the lessons in life that shape us? As we move along a certain path are we open enough to change or to accept that perhaps our path will fork? I'm lucky in that I've found congruence with family and friends who are the constant in my life that allows me to further search to find the rest of the answers.  I don't know where I want to be or who I want to be with or what I want to do but I do know that as I search I aim to do so optimistically and with peace in knowing that it's ok to not know. I don't have to have the answers, I just have to have the guts to search for them. 

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