08 April 2013


Impermanence. That was the intention put forward in my Moksha yoga class today.  It's true that nothing in life is ever permanent.  People, possessions, locations - all go through some sort of change at one point in our lifeSome things are in our lives for a long time and some just pass through like a whisper of wind.  Change is sometimes scary but at the same time, invigorating as it gives us the opportunity to begin again.  Every ending, be it with a tear or a smile, is in turn another beginning.  The impermanence of life may mean that a good thing must come to an end, bringing with it the pain of letting go.  But congruently, impermanence also means that said pain is also temporary.  At some point, it ceases to consume us and perhaps helps us find a way to move forward.

Today my mother dropped off a Rubermaid bin of mementos that I stored at my sisters house when we moved overseas.  Items of special significance but from highschool & university days, so not necessarily items I wanted to ship back and forth from Canada to Finland.  It's likely been four or five years since I looked through those items.  There were mixed tapes, tons of pictures, journals with so many of my thoughts & dreams, letters from friends, poems and so much more.  The box was most certainly filled with love.  I alternated between laughing and crying as I poured through everything, flipped through photographs and read words that friends had written to me.  I can only hope to be the woman that they see me as.  If I can be even half of the way their kind words describe me, it will make me proud.  

It's true - nothing is permanent and eventually things will end, people will leave us, possessions will be lost - but what we are able to carry in our heart will live as long as it keeps beating.  Sometimes I pray for peace within myself to be ok with the impermanence of it all while doing my best in the day to day.  Today my intention in class was for a friend who is struggling to let go of love and consumed by the inability to move forward - may they find the strength within themselves to know that the pain they feel today will eventually subside.  May their heart mend in such a way that they are able to love again.  May we all embrace the impermanence within in our lives and live in such a way that the things which matter most to us remain always in our hearts.  And in our Rubbermaid bins. 

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