24 June 2013


You know when you can see a friend standing at the precipice of a major life change and you want to find the words to tell them that you know what they are feeling. The "excited yet I want to vomit" feeling in their gut - like a dull ache holding on to your body.  Knowing somewhere deep down that the choices they are making are for the best and are truly what they need to do at this given moment.  That it's natural to second guess - to want to just stay in the comfortable 'here & now' rather than take that step into the unknown. 

Adaptation is defined as:
1: the act or process of adapting : the state of being adapted
2: adjustment to environmental conditions: as
      a : adjustment of a sense organ to the intensity or quality of stimulation
      b : modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the      
           conditions of its environment 

The way I see it is that any sort of important life change usually requires ending something & leaving it behind. Like it has been lyrically noted "a beginning is some other beginnings end".  Growth demands that we move on and keep moving forward. Without that we become stuck - never becoming who we are meant to be, not loving who we are meant to love and not accomplishing the dreams that our abilities afford.  Life is too short to live where you're not happy or stay in relationships that are toxic.  It is most important to focus on the positive of the imminent changes and the possibilities that lay ahead.  

I think it's important to note that that sick feeling in the pit of their stomach is usually a sign that something great is about to happen.  I felt that way just about a year ago making the decision to open a second business and similarly almost two years ago in deciding to return to Canada after my marriage came to an end.  Coming home is not always easy.  People you once loved and who have remained here have changed in different ways then you have.  As with most things in life, until you've followed this path it's difficult to understand the mix of emotions.  

As much as I love being back here to be with those I love,  I know it's not forever and sometimes oddly that is comforting - to know there is always possibility out there.  It is quite true to note that the only constant in life is change.  We continually adapt and move and grow and that is the true beauty of life.