24 May 2014

live gratefully

Sometimes on my runs I get lost in my own thoughts - today being no exception to that. I was pretty much awake at the crack of dawn so I was happy to get out on the trail before most of the city woke and had some time to myself. Admitedly I was going slower than normal today due to a bit of a late Friday night but it was definitely worth it.  Plus it is absolutely gorgeous out so I want to park myself on a patio or my porch as soon as I am done work today! 

This quote sums up the thoughts that were going through my head today.  So often we see people who are continually searching.  People who are never quite content with life as it - needing a newer car, a bigger home, a more prestigious title at work.  People who are single who stumble across someone that they can see forever with but are scared to take that leap and keep searching & dating when really their better half if right there in front of them.  People risk losing love or friendships because they don't take the time to cherish what they have.  Or people get wrapped up in certain aspects of their lives and let others slide that are truly too important to let go of.  We literally risk losing the moon because we are too busy counting the stars.  We keep looking at or for all these little things that are temporarily beautiful or exciting and we risk losing the big, important things in our lives that fill our heart.  

I was blessed to spend a few hours with 9 girlfriends last night - all of whom I have known since highschool and a few friends since elementary! Here we were this table of ten girls with completely different lives but held together with common threads of our past.  There were far too many laughs, great food, remembering of the past and talks of the future.  It warms my heart to know that after over 20 years I have not lost the "moon" of these friendships because it is sometimes so very hard to keep in touch.  We've lived together and lived apart - there have been marriages, children, divorce, cancer and yet here we all are.  Planning for future and relishing past memories. We are not defined by the home we live in or the car we drive but by the company we keep.  I think of this quote and I think of a few people who I do think are losing something or someone important to them simply because they keep searching for more rather than being happy.  People who aren't content with themselves so they keep searching for other people to validate them.  Those who push away those that love them simply because they fear never being chased again. Because they fear that if they allow someone to truly love them for who they are they open themselves up to be raw and potentially hurt and that is scary. Often that what makes it scary is what makes it worth it - like going into business for yourself, having babies, taking a leap of faith. It saddens me to think of the great relationships & life experiences that could be lost because of fear or because of low self esteem.  There is nothing more that I wish than for the people in my heart to be happy but I know I can't make them see what I see.  I can only keep them in my heart and in my prayers that one day they allow the good that they do deserve into their lives and see the stars but love the moon.  

So this gorgeous summery day lets all take a few moments to reflect on the big things in life that are most important - our family, our friends, love and relationships.  Let us never lose sight of our "moon" while looking at the stars.  Lets live in gratitude for all that we have.  xo

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