04 August 2015


So I needed to follow up my last post which was written in anticipation however the moment I arrived at the party and saw Katie unloading her crew from the van and the girls vying to hold "miss Lindsay's" hand to cross the street I was happy.  Walking into that back yard and feeling absolutely comfortable is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  

Friends for close to 25 years now - that is just crazy.  There really hasn't been a moment in our lives that we haven't shared all together.  First dates, first loves, graduations, careers, marriages, babies, divorces.... the list is infinite.  Knowing that you can just walk into someone's home and feel as though it is your own.  The husbands that pick up the sangria pitcher and ensure all of us have a full glass.  The kids that snuggle in between you to grab a chip or find a place on your lap.  So much laughing that my stomach hurt and talking incessently that I lost my voice.  Planning trips for our next milestone birthday.  Remembering trips of the past.  Rehashing years of friendship in one night.  

It was a night of great food, laughter, love, acceptance and much more that I even have words to describe. Watching the kids play all together while us adults talked and reminisced was peaceful in a way that only loud chaos between friends can be.  It's that moment that you realize we are family.  I can only hope that this next generation is blessed with the same kind of love.

I am grateful.  Very, very grateful.   


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