15 August 2015

hand on heart

One of the things I love best about Dan's Moksha Flow is the second last pose Reclined Cobbler.  You are physically spent and usually so sweaty that my toe skin is actually pruney (like I've been sitting in the tub too long pruney).  He always instructs to place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.  It's a good way to connect and I find myself usually mediating the same mantra over and over to myself.  Strong body, strong spirit, strong heart.  Grateful body, grateful spirit, grateful heart.

It is in those moments that I try to take stock of all the things I am grateful for.  Happy that I gave myself that hour or that 90min to challenge myself, to grow stronger and to do something just for me.  I find that more and more we are wishing for things and not necesssarily taking the time to just be grateful for what we do have.  We look around at what others have or what others are doing and wish for that experience or covet something that they possess.  This quote sums it up - it's about taking that quiet moment and realizing what is most important and it's the love in our life.  Family, friends, romance - all types of love.  We spend so much time feeling unfulfilled or "waiting" for what is next rather than living right here in the moment.  

I find it with retail as I am already going through my Christmas items in August to make sure that I have what I need for the busy season.  I see it already hitting the shelves in stores however I can't bring myself to put it out just yet.  It's 90degrees and a heat advisory today - I feel like I may have a stroke putting out something related to the winter months! Why are we always looking ahead? Why are we wishing and wanting for what is coming next and forgetting to live in the moment.  Yes there are 18 Fridays until Christmas but there are 5 Fridays until Autumn so stop rushing! Soon there will be cool days and then snow and we will want this hot humid weather back and start to look ahead yet again.  Enjoy this moment.  Enjoy all the moments IN the moment.  Remember what is important to us and be grateful and joyful for all of it.  Take a moment to lay back and put your hand to your heart and just listen to it.  Recite to yourself what you are thankful for and be just there.  Stop rushing forward.  Doddle a little bit...... 

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