22 October 2015

life returns to "normal"

The last few days have been a whirlwind of love, laughter, tears and memories.  We honoured our father in the best way possible - spending time with so many who are near and dear to us.  It was such a pleasure to meet friends of his from the golf course or the coffee gang from A&W who treasured their moments with him.  It was not without sadness but the love seemed to over power it.  I think he would have been happy with how things turned out.  It's amazing the amount of people that came - lined up out the door for both visitations and a full house for the funeral service.  

The funeral home did an amazing job taking care of us and made this time so comforting and easy to navigate. I cannot say enough good things about them and the services they provided to our family.  There was a moment on Tuesday night between visitations (when my friends had sent enough food to serve a small army!) that we had the funeral home to ourselves and we had the staff actually come enjoy a meal with us.  People remarked after the services that it seemed as though our officiant was part of our family because he was so comfortable with us.  It's funny how that happens with our family - we tend to scoop people up into our fold even in times of adversity.  
Eulogizing my father is probably the most difficult speech I have ever given and yet the one I am certainly most proud of.  There was a moment when I first got to the podium and my eyes glazed over looking at my sheet of paper.  For real, no one should have to follow the hymn Hallelujah and be expected to hold it together.  There were laughs and there were tears and I hope to share those words on here soon so that those memories will live on forever.  

It is the memories that have comforted us.  It is the love of our family that has gotten us through this.  After all was over and we gathered yet again for family dinner at my aunt's house, I was reminded just how blessed we really are.  We sat around that table sipping wine, eating chocolates, laughing and telling stories.  There is no doubt that my dad knew just how loved he was by us all and how we were loved by him.  I think that makes it easier to let him go - knowing that there aren't regrets.  He did not suffer through illness - he had a great day, went to sleep happy and never woke upNothing will be the same without him but we are grateful for all the days we had and all the memories that we continue to live on.  i know that we will all have our moments of grief and moments of missing him but celebrating his life has allowed us to begin to move on to the new "normal".  

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