04 January 2016



contentment a state of happiness and satisfaction

This is the word I choose for 2016.  

My word for 2015 was "Love" and looking back at the people I allowed into my life these past 365, I do feel like I achieved it.  Perhaps I didn't fall in love as I hoped but I was open to love and coming back from a broken heart, sometimes that is the biggest feat of all.  I think I did fall in love with myself a little bit more.  I certainly renewed my love for yoga.  
So for this new year I choose "Contentment" as my word.  Physically, emotionally, financially - I want to be satisfied with what I have and try to live in the moment, not wishing for more.  I feel like by striving for contentment, I am more apt to be present in the process and be grateful along the way.  

I want to be aware of who and what impacts me on a daily basis.  I want to be aware of how I impact others as well.  As it nears the anniversary of Allie's passing, I am again reminded that I want to live my life in such a way that I bring happiness or peace to those around me. 

Having dinner with someone new last night reminds me that we have to do our best to remain open and grateful.  That for every door that closes another is set to open. It may not be right away, but every ending is another beginning and it just depends on how to look at the situation.  A conversation with an old friend reminded me that even though I am the type of person to choose to find happiness, that people in my life may just not have that capacity to do so.  I stand by my philosophy to tell people how they have impacted me and to do so without any hope of reciprocation or validation. 

As this new year begins and I strive to find that contentment, both on and off my mat, I wake each day with an open heart ready to enjoy this journey one day at a time.  xo   


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