24 February 2016

creating space....

  I came across this the other day and I can't get it out of my mind.  I feel like in the last year, yoga has become such a big part of my life, taking up some of the space that running used to.  Yoga however is kinder to my aging body and aching joints that long distance running has damaged over the years.  There are moments where I do admittedly get caught up in wanting to nail a certain pose - feeling a bit of failure when it's not there and extreme pride in the moments when I do.  My 3x3 practice usually focuses on both crow and forearm headstand, both of which I am on the brink of mastering.  But then I find words like these above and I realize that it's not about the pose.  Yes there are days when my practice feels solid and then I also feel strong and proud.  But coming to my mat has also been a lot about feeling something, as well as accomplishing something.  It really has been what has gotten me through many moments in the past few years where there has been so much change and so many feelings.  Coming to my mat has given me peace.  It reminds me each day to live in the present moment.  To not rush through the journey to get to some sort of end result but to cherish the ride.  To remember that the most precious gift is to live in santosha.  A daily reminder to try to quiet my mind with all of these worries that don't really matter.  It's not necessarily about the moment you perfect a pose but in each moment of learning to get there.  The process of opening one's heart and accepting love or releasing love is just as important as being in love.  This week has been a lot about remembering to stay in the moment and creating space.  To not rush towards something because we see the possibility of an end result.  To be content with each moment as it happens without looking too far into the future.  Creating space in our hearts can sometimes be the most challenging step of all because we have to let go of what holds us in the past while staying present and looking ahead. So for now it's a daily task to just stay present but I accept that challenge willingly seeing how far I have already grown in my practice.  I bask in the light of those around me.  I absorb the energy from my sangha and that yogis that have filled my heart with hope.  In each bit of space that yoga creates, love slips in.  Peace slips in.  
Contentment has room to grow.