23 April 2016

find your tribe....

I began this post a week ago and in the whirlwind I neglected to hist POST.  So a bit delayed, here are my thoughts.  This was my third moksha 30 day challenge that I participated in and though I didn't make it to my mat every day, I am very happy with the 28 times that I did! It's funny how it really becomes something greater than yoga.  How each of those hours spent on my mat has made me a stronger person physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Based on the series Avatar, the challenge was divided up into 4 tribes and each of us worked towards a greater goal of fundraising for the David Suzuki Foundation.  

During the first savasana of my last practice, Sarah reminded us that in addition to these challenges, that 'our practice is our life'.  Daily we "live our yoga".  It's been a year since I started to practice regularly at moksha and over that time I have found a whole additional part of myself.  It's evidenced more and more to me how in finding Moksha, I have truly found my tribe.  It's not just a yoga studio - it's a place of solace when my mind is all over the place, it's a place of friendship, it's laughter, it's wine after practice, it's balance. Those on the mat next to me have become more of a second family than fellow yogis.  I feel completely myself at this studio and with these people.  It's amazing how much better my day can be when it involves a little "namaste."

A few classes during this challenge stand out.  3x3 with live music where I may have shed a few tears through a James Bay song in pigeon pose. Fire Starter Kryia where I actually felt as though I was going to vomit in class and Alex next to me kept cheering me on and saying "we got this Lindsay, come on!" and then I encouraged the gal next to me.  Spring Solstice & 108 Sun Salutations that I did by proxy while in Florida but still channeled the energy of the people practicing at the studio.  And final Moksha Flow where I'm not kidding you that I belted out One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston and did a little dance in eagle pose to Will Smith's Summertime.  

It was during that last class, in the final savasana that I realized this was my tribe.  This is where I feel connected.  This is where I feel at home.  When my energy is low this is where I go to recharge.  When my head and heart are all over the map, moksha is where I regain my presence.  Walking in the studio I feel alive and I can't describe the feeling that comes into my heart when teachers or fellow yogis are so genuinely happy to see one another.  I don't know where I would be today without finding Moksha.  For every day I think I can't possibly take another step forward, yoga pushes me further.  When I think I can't nail a pose, I hear Mesia or Nena say "yeah..." and I try again. I am reminded every time I come to my mat that it is the journey of yoga that I love.  That each practice is creating space in my life and in my heart.  When I think I can't nail Fallen Angel and then boom! It's not perfect - nothing is - but it shows me how far I have come and how far I have yet to go.  Some days I am ecstatic about the ease of getting into headstand and some days I am humbled but the elusive crow.  But everyday is a new adventure, another step in the journey.  Each breath I am reminded of how far I have come and how each step in this journey of life is precious.  Yoga is creating space in my heart to always allow love to flow in and out.  I cannot say thank you enough to my tribe but I hope the energy and light I share with you shows my love.  Namaste. xo xo

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