21 October 2016

the race is not only to the swift...

.... but to those that keep on running.  

These are words that I have recounted since high school.  Sometimes life happens and the way we envision it or plan it does not work out.  That does not make us unsuccessful - it makes us resourceful.  The same goes for the practice of yoga - it is not in our ability to perform postures but it is our continued dedication to get to our mat and practice.  How we use that time of meditation and reflection to positively change the way we live our life and our relationships with the people in it. 

There are times that perhaps I worry I am not at the place where I want to be in my life and then I realize that I am EXACTLY where I am SUPPOSED to be.  The "plan" I may have had for my life perhaps did not come to fruition but here I am and I am the best possible version of me that I could be at this moment in time.  There may be things that if given the gift of hindsight, I would possibly change.  However since time travel does not yet exist, I will be content with what is. My life has not gone the way I thought it would, however, that doesn't make me less satisfied with the space I am currently in.  The only constant in life is change.  We have the choice to accept it, adapt to it and grow from it or to let it defeat us.  There will always be moments where I wish I was further along in a career now that I choose to leave self-employment however I know that I will still do amazing things.  I have great experience from the last decade that will accompany me in each subsequent quest in life. 

My definition of success isn't necessarily restricted to monetary success (at this point in life) but rather in my own resiliency, in my ability to take people into my heart, in my dedication to bettering myself and in my own journey along my yoga mat.  It has most definitely been a huge factor of change over the past 6 years and I am forever grateful for it. As with life in general, we all want to get to the destination - to achieve our goals or perform a certain posture - but what is truly important are the moment of discovery along the way.  I feel that all things considered, I am happy. 

More and more as I realize that there is no need to rush into things - I feel happy to learn more and see what is important to me.  Life is all about relationships with those in our lives and they are full of moments to learn.  That success and achievement are really nothing without that feeling of fulfillment.  And for me it isn't about how many "things" I obtain but how many experiences I am blessed with.  Again, it is about the adventures of life, it is truly about the journey and stay present along the way. 

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