30 October 2016

vision board 2016

Sometimes when I can't find the words of my own, I look towards those of others to bring me solace.  At the beginning of the year I began a Vision Board - quotes and pictures of what I hoped to achieve in the year that lay ahead of me.  I'd be amiss if I didn't say that now, with November 1st just a few days away, it's hard not to notice the board and think of what this year has brought me.  

It's been a week filled with new changes, new beginnings masked as endings, grief, acceptance, forgiveness and in the end, bravery.  There have been many moments where I certainly have not exhibited strength but kept moving forward anyways.  

The items that I pinned to my vision board were a lot of 'end results.' They were photos of family, of adventures, of coziness and of love.  My word for the year being CONTENTMENT - perhaps not in the attainment of each goal but in the constant search.  That is where bravery lies, in the getting back up every day and continuing to search, to fight, to love and live.  It is easy to forget to stay present each day - to allow the vision of how we want our lives to be to occupy our thoughts.  Sometimes we need to find little instances of bravery rather than large exhibitions.  It is brave to keep searching when the little voice inside of us is scared.  It is brave to try to love again after your heart has been broken.  It is brave to trust that the universe will align as it is supposed to and those that are meant to be in your life will remain as others retreat. And sometimes bravery is staying true to what you know is important to you. We all grieve, love, and forgive at different rates and different times.  If it is true in your heart, follow it.  That is your bravery.  xo

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