15 November 2016

beautiful Tuesdays....

Today is Day 11 and my intention for today is to stay present.  This is part of my intention most days to be honest because more often than not, we are looking ahead of ourselves.  We are preparing for the weekend or the next holiday, we are being proactive about the next step in our lives and looking forward to the next occasion.  We don't often just think about what I great day it is today.  

Preparing for the Holiday Walk this weekend has left me feeling like we are again rushing into the next season, although I know it's the way things go in the world of retail.  I am excited for the holidays and all the love and magic that seem to be ever-present.  I feel like I keep nesting at home to get ready for the season of hibernation.  There's a part of me still toying with the idea of moving to a smaller space but for now, I just want to make home a nice, cozy space.    

Taking a few minutes to go for a walk on my lunch today and I was reminded just how beautiful fall days are and how the sun seems to glow just a little brighter when it dances off all the orange, yellow and red leaves.  The breeze has a slight chill but the warmth is still in the air. All I wanted to do was just put my face up to the sky and twirl around! At that moment I just wanted to enjoy every beautiful sense that was around me and not think ahead, not worry about the past and just be

The intention in Sarah's class last night brought up the idea of impermanence and how truly the only constant thing in our life is change.  Nothing remains the same and by accepting that we allow ourselves to enjoy things as they come.  We can always look ahead down the path of where we are going but not so far in that we miss the little things along the journey of staying present.  We all learn from what is behind us, from our experiences and lessons but the important thing is not to get caught up in either direction.  To appreciate each moment, each season, every stage of relationships and even each day of this current challenge.  We all have moments of regret or things that we wish we could change and I think that is normal.  What we have to do is simply remember that we can't live there - we can't go back as much as we wish that we could.  We take those experiences and keep moving forward.  We are stronger from each time we have been broken.  We grow from each time that we fall.  

So today, I look out my office window at the sunshine and I count it within my blessings that I am here to enjoy the beauty of this fall day.  I am grateful for the fact that even though my heart hurt yesterday I got to my mat and felt strong and alive afterward.  I am thankful to be halfway through this challenge and sharing so many great moments with a tribe of people who are loving & accepting of me.  In this very moment I choose happy and I choose to be ok with the impermanence of it all, trusting that truly what is meant to be will be and where I am meant to be I will find my way. 

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