12 December 2016


Today was the first real snowfall of the season! Bundled up in layers, I put on my headphones and trusty Sorel boots and off I went! Along the waterfront you couldn't see across the river from the grey of the sky.  I found myself singing along to what was playing in my ears, smiling wide and loving the chill of the air. At one point, I looked up to the sky and twirled, twirled and twirled around with my arms spread out wide.  I'm sure anyone who passed by probably thought I was off the deep end but it was just me, exuding happiness and being grateful.  Later I took the live music moksha with a friend of mine - it always makes me happy to bring someone new to our studio.  At one point during there was some words intertwined with the acoustics and they just hit home.  Whatever the lecture was that James had piped in to accompany his music, said the words "what if today was your last day on earth? did you do what makes you happy?" My answer was yes.  My heart was full at that moment - I had a leisurely morning of coffee (too much coffee), Christmas movies, and left over mexican take-out.  I journaled, I wrote on here, I worked on my vision board and I thought a lot about what I want in the years ahead.  I danced around my apartment and I danced along the riverfront in the snow.  I went to yoga and I had plans to spend the evening enjoying dinner with friends.  It was a lovely, perfect Sunday.  I added to the Gratitude Jar today that is certain.  I'd like to spend more moments being thankful - thankful not only for the present, but for all the moments that got me right to that point.  There have been many that were so happy they seemed fleeting. And there were many that I thought would break me in half.  But all of the moments - good and bad - have aligned me to today and for that I am truly grateful. xo

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