01 March 2017

spread love...

In looking at my life, this quote pretty much sums it up.  I was asked why I write this blog when secretly I hope that no one I know is reading it.  The answer is simply to hope that if some stranger out there in wherever, stumbles up on this and finds words that they connect to - either those that are uplifting or even reading through the moments that are challenging.   I hope that as I sometimes share what seems to be a struggle, that if someone can read it and know that they aren't alone perhaps in what they feel then it may serve as a bit of a lift.  My goal is to put happiness, gratitude and positivity out into the universe because i do believe that we get back what we give out.  But (as much as I live in a world of rainbows & unicorns) I also know that there are going to be moments of struggle and change because that is how we grow.  Sometimes when we feel most alone is when we just need that simple connection to know that someone understands us, and that tomorrow is always another day.  For me, when I'm thinking through something I feel weighted down and as soon as I can put them into words it's as though that has been lifted.  

Today begins the 40 days of Lent - a time of sacrifice and reflection as we prepare for the one of the most important times in Catholicism, Easter.  I do tend to give up items that are a challenge as a way to cleanse my body however over the past few years I chose to not only focus on what was going into my mouth, but coming out of it as well.  So over the next few weeks, I will also send out 40 pieces of "happy" mail to friends and family thanking them for being a part of my life. I've cut zillions of little hearts to go in each envelope so that literally I'll be spreading love all over the gosh darn place! 

So here we are with an opportunity to reflect over these last few weeks of winter and begin to prepare to come out of hibernation as spring unfolds.  It's a time of rebirth and a time of extended light - all of which make me excited to see what lies ahead.  Over the past few days of struggling with some pretty dark thoughts, today I feel lighter just knowing that I have thought them through, felt them and now released them.  I accept what I cannot change and look ahead knowing that there must be something wonderful just beyond my reach.  I realize that I don't want someone who so swiftly will walk away from me without discussion - I want a partnership and that entails two imperfect people willing to talk things through, to see the other person's point of view, compromise when there is disagreement and forgive when there is hurt. All I know is I have learned so much in this past year and I feel as though my heart came alive again.  It's hard to believe that it was this time last year when JC and I began really talking again and though it certainly did not end up as I had hoped, I am a much better person for having loved him.  And in the end what matters most is that people leave us happier, stronger, better and loved.  So over the next 40 days take a moment and tell someone you love them or share with them a memory that you treasure and light up their day.  Put good into our world. xo

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